In today’s changing digital world, Managed Security provides the backbone to successful data protection. Sterlite, in partnership with CCN, dedicates its expertise to advanced Managed Security, allowing businesses to enjoy cost effective, proactive solutions before their information security has been breached or broken.

  1. Backup & Disaster Recovery: Data loss is a huge concern for all businesses, and it can come from hardware failures, viruses, user error, and beyond. Our automated backup systems are always at work. With our experts at your immediate call, theft, equipment failure, loss of telephone or internet, and more can swiftly be settled.
  2. Business Security Plan: Our qualified specialists will visit with you to design, build, and test a robust business security plan that caters to various types of disasters. We are always protecting you via powerful backups and a mighty, healthy server 24/7 – 365 days a year.
  3. Business Impact Assessment: After disaster strikes, we offer a comprehensive Business Impact Assessment. This dynamic service collects a full view of your security information and executes a strategy to recovery via an analysis of risks and business impact.
  4. Mobile Management: Our Mobile Device Management solution allows you to configure and control your devices. We give you the power to remove sensitive data remotely from lost or stolen devices, block unauthorized access to devices and applications, and enforce password protection, encryption, and security updates.
  5. Penetration Test by Ethical Hackers: We use the leading tools to identify network weaknesses that hackers can exploit. Our security specialists evaluate your network perimeter to assess your current defenses. We know how to protect your portals of entry by running an external vulnerability scan that reveals every “backdoor” an intruder may use.

Let us know how we can be of help to you.  Please contact Rory Maxfield at or call me at 224-318-9851


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