Masterminds, Gamechangers, Difference Makers, Boundary Breakers and Tomorrow Takers, there are options for your commerce platform that truly let you do what you want to do. The major deciding factor is no longer dependent on the size and revenue of your company. Sterlite USA can provide you with the right commerce platform for your business.

Now you can get what the big companies have at a fraction of the price without giving up power, performance and dependability. Here is what you should look for:

  • A platform must be all open source, which means it works with any existing platform.
  • Cloud based, hosted, hybrid or on premise, it should not matter.
  • There is no platform it cannot integrate with.

It can be purchased complete or in these parts:

  1. CMS

Content Management System

  1. Commerce

Promo Engine

PIM/Image Management

Order Management


  1. QA

Complete automated testing framework, and ability to save all modules.

If you are using Oracle Commerce, or any other platform, you should consider this platform. You can use them together and in parts with your current platform.

The technology is finally here to do what you want your ecommerce to do for you with no licensing fees and that hefty price tag! This platform is also the most flexible eCommerce solution as well.

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