At Sterlite, we have completed over 225 successful project over the past several years for many of the largest retailers in the industry.  With experience in BOTH ATG Web Commerce AND Endeca, we are able to create the right balance that maximizes performance and ease of use.  Our expertise and operating philosophies are what have made us successful and keep our clients coming back.

Compliant with Oracle Best Practices

  • No accelerators or code layers that disable out of the box functionality
  • No custom code that will take the implementation off the Oracle upgrade path
  • All custom code modules created are future proof and will work with subsequent versions

Empower you Merchandisers/Marketers

  • Reduce the dependency on IT for merchandisers and marketers to do their job

No Proprietary Code Layers

  • No proprietary code layers that would prevent your internal team to work alongside with us
  • If in the future another Solutions Integrator is selected, they can pick up where we left off with no issues


  • As trainers of Oracle’s own product and development teams, our comprehensive training programs are second to none
  • We provide adequate business user and/or technical training of Commerce so that your teams can get the most out of your investment

Give us call to discuss the future of your site and how we can address any pain points that you may have, no strings attached.


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