With today’s competitive landscape online, keeping your website fresh with frequent content changes is an important part of winning back customers. A CMS provides a best-in-breed CMS solutions with a combination of technical prowess of open-source technologies coupled with Rich Content Management Tools.

A CMS provides the developers with simple but powerful tools to quickly build websites, and to easily integrate and customize where necessary. By leveraging industry-leading open source technologies such as XML, Apache Cocoon and Javascript, front-end developers can quickly build rich UIs for their website applications.

CMS offers Content Administrators a seamless admin UI to create/edit content, do an inline preview and publish the changes. They can schedule the content publication for a future date also.

Once templates have been created for a particular page or set of pages, non-technical users can easily create content, thereby empowering your business users and greatly reducing the need for IT intervention.

Seamless integration with existing eCommerce platforms

Leverage the advantages and flexibility of headless content serving


CMS architecture is designed to handle your evolving traffic requirements. Our CMS supports both clustering and replication.

Performance Driven

Performance is the key. VastCMS makes use of intelligent caching to enable better performance and will provide better ROI on your infrastructure.

Multi-site, Multi-lingual, Multi-channel

• Out of the box support for running multiple sites on the same instance as well as support for multiple languages.

• Responsive templates enable support for multiple channels

• Clean Separation between Content and Presentation

• Using the OOTB plugins and templates, VastCMS authors can easily keep content and the presentation separate.

Embrace Collaboration

CMS opens up more ways to personalize your platform and improve team collaboration.

Social Collaboration

It’s super easy to share ideas and comments with your team. All collaborators can work together at once to make comments and edit contents. Timeline and Dashboard

Get realtime activity tracking, use these insights to stay up to date with collaborators. Multitasking

Switch from one feature to another with one click, run multiple tools side by side.

Multi-Window View

See your workspace and what’s new at a glance. Keep an eye on your open tabs, the sitemap, history, or notifications in real time.

Multi-Content editing

Now you can edit multiple pieces of content at once. 1. Edit an existing piece of content. 2. Add a new content to a page. 3. Switch from one content to another.


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