Here is a look at the Contents page of one of our eCommerce Partner’s CODE REVIEW ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS that was in depth and 30 pages.

We are surprised by what our new clients tell us about their experiences before with other companies.

This gives you an idea of how detailed an eCommerce Assessment should be.


1.    Introduction

2.    Deployment Topology

2.1.     DEV Topology

2.2.     STG Topology

2.3.     PROD Topology

3.    Issues Identified with the topology Settings

4.    Issues identified with the current codebase

4.1.     Non-Standard Dependencies between different scopes of Components

4.2.     Defining Droplets in non-global scope

4.3.     Issues with Package naming Conventions

4.4.     Rewriting entire OOTB Code Logic with Custom Code

4.5.     Unwanted Modules

4.6.     Critical Coding Issues in Request Handling & SEO

4.7.     Old Configurations in web.xml

4.8.     Pricing Feed is bypassing Publishing Environment

4.9.     Invoking BVSEO and Reviews inline on the server-side

4.10.        Duplicate Template Code in CommonEmailManager

4.11.        Duplicate code for Invoking Repository Queries

4.12.        Inline Invoking of BrontoWebService call

4.13.        Endeca Relevancy ranking and Custom Code Dependency

4.14.        Endeca Deployment Template

4.15.        Cache settings for ProductCatalog can be improved

4.16.        ProductCatalog XML not using ResourceBundle Properly

4.17.        BestSellerDataLoader Accessing Order RepositoryItem Directly

4.18.        PII Information printed in the Log files

4.19.        Unnecessary Messages being logged making log files grow faster

4.20.        Integrations that need to be evaluated carefully

5.    Analysis of Build Process and Deployment Environment

5.1.     ANT based build

5.2.     Issues with Big EAR

6.    JVM Heap Analysis

7.    SEO Analysis

8.  Conclusion

The Analysis had helped uncover a list of issues, some of them critical and some of them non-critical with the application. Even though, all the issues identified must be addressed, the following are the ones that need to be addressed immediately to make the application function better and provide better conversions and ROI.

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