Are you thinking about the cloud for your business? If your business is small to a fortune 500 company, it may be an option for you. Some companies are hybrid and are on premise with their firewall and then connected to the cloud for instance. There really are many options. Some companies were born in the cloud and are not on premise. Some companies may benefit and some may not. That is where we come in, we are on the implementation side, Oracle does not. Here is a brief overview from Oracle about Hybrid Cloud Management. Sterlite, does all Oracle implementation.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers comprehensive capabilities to manage, migrate, test and deploy across hybrid cloud, providing for 100% reuse of existing IT operations management skills and practices.

Solution Overview

Oracle Enterprise Manager streamlines and automates complex management tasks across the complete cloud lifecycle. On-premises administrators can monitor and manage public cloud services, and vice versa. Oracle Cloud services are managed by the same Oracle Enterprise Manager tools that customers use on-premises to monitor, provision, and maintain Oracle Databases, Engineered Systems, Oracle Applications, Oracle Middleware, and a variety of third-party systems. This additionally eliminates the costly consequences of purchasing and learning numerous new tools to manage enterprise hybrid clouds.

Manage, Migrate, Test and Deploy Across Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control now provides you with a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing on-premise, Oracle Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Machined deployments, all from the same management console. By deploying Management Agents onto the Oracle Cloud virtual hosts serving your Oracle Cloud services, you are able to manage Oracle Cloud targets just as you would any other targets. The communication between Management Agents and your on-premise Oracle management service instances is secure from external interference. Support is provided for managing Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware PaaS targets, as well as JVMD support for monitoring JVMs on your Oracle Cloud virtual hosts.

Oracle Cloud Management includes the following key features:

  • Automated agent deployment and configuration
  • Database and Java PaaS instances monitoring
  • Incident management including notifications and ticketing integration
  • Configuration management including Search and Inventory, comparison between on-premise and cloud instances, configuration history, and compliance
  • Cloning between on-premise and Oracle Cloud
  • One-off patching of Oracle Cloud database instances

We can help you find the best solution for your business. Call or email me for a free, no obligation consultation for Hybrid Oracle Cloud Implementation or any other Oracle Implementations.



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