At Sterlite, we take you through the entire Oracle application process, making sure that our clients thoroughly understand their options. We understand that formulating and implementing a goal can be a challenging process, which is why we have created a three-step system to specifically assist every individual client’s needs.

The team at Productionify has created a fantastic video for you, showcasing our services and the process through which we take our clients! We have also provided a quick summary underneath.

Both our business and our technical teams are completely engaged on this advisory platform, a process through which we thoroughly understand our clients’ immediate and long-term business objectives relative to electronic commerce.
We conduct a series of deep-level interviews with senior management, operations and technical stakeholders to build a profile of the organization in its current state, and to craft a model of how our client would like it to be in the future – its optimal state!

Project Execution
Once our team has advised and assisted our clients’ in their goal-planning, we move forward to the second step in the process – the project itself.
Services that we provide for this include: new implementations and migration of Oracle Commerce and globalization (deploying new sites in foreign markets with the localized language, currency, and taxation all on the same ATG service).

Subscription Support
Finally, Sterlite nurtures and continues the relationship with the client by providing subscription-based application support services. From 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance, patching and updating the application, to providing a test environment and emergency resources — we engage, sustain, and support our clients every step of the way!

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