With the year half over, Sterlite has been very busy on the ATG/Oracle Commerce front.  We have seen a lot of existing code from our clients and that was done by previous SI’s that quite frankly, leaves a lot to be desired. Memory Leaks, Inefficient Coding Practices, Proprietary Layers, poor SEO, and misguided Content Management Strategies.  We have seen it all, and then some. It seems that there is more bad code out there than good code, as is evidenced by the issues many firms are having with their implementations.

So, the question remains: Why settle?  Why not make a change and engage an SI that has the experience and track record of success to back up their claims?

With experience in both B2B and B2C sites, we are positioned to take your site to new heights!

A long Pedigree of ATG Experience and Success!

At Sterlite, we have over 20 years of experience in ATG and Endeca, and have worked with both products long before Oracle purchased them.

We have resurrected several ATG implementations over the past few years, resolving issues within months of our engagement.

With clients large and small, we have a very high touch approach to the client relationship.  We give attention to our clients that the larger firms simply cannot replicate.

No matter the complexity or challenge we are faced with, we have succeeded every time.

Insight 2019 Austin

Come see us at the Insight 2019 Oracle Commerce Users Conference, where we will be presenting some technical topics related to Oracle Commerce as well as sharing one of our client’s success stories!

Free Assessment

We have two Oracle Commerce Assessment offerings:  A Free 2-day remote assessment that will show at a high level some of the key opportunities for improvement for your ATG site.

Full  Assessment

In this exhaustive two to three week assessment, we will go through your ATG code and identify in detail where things are falling apart, and how to fix these issues.  No other SI’s are performing an assessment to this level of detail, and we assure you that it is worthwhile for your business.

Your Full Service Oracle Commerce SI

Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.  With over forty ATG and Endeca developers strong, and a mature DevOps and Automated Testing Practice, we have the ability and experience to maximize your ROI on your Oracle Commerce site.

Please give us a call today at 866-506-5040 or visit our website for more information.


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