INTEGRATIONIt may seem self-explanatory to most of us, but here at Sterlite we have learned that there is always more to absorb when discussing networking! We have enjoyed numerous conferences in the past, and will be attending IRCE in June 2014.

Here are 5 points we have collected for would-be conference attendees, current conference-goers or those of you who are on the fence.


1) To increase your visibility

“Establishing top of mind awareness is critical in any marketing campaign, and make no mistake about it, attending business networking events is a key marketing strategy if done properly. One of the most important elements—and one of the most overlooked—to getting the biggest bang for your networking buck is to make sure your face and your message get in front of the same—and the right—people on an ongoing basis.”
 Leni Chauvin, Strategic Business Network


2) To meet industry leaders

“If you aren’t a leader in your industry, one way to become one is to meet those who are.  At events I attend they are often encouraged to be available to attendees to chat and answer questions. Pull out your camera and take a photo with them, ask them some questions.”
– Travis Campbell,


3) To receive assistance

Promotion: giving you a boost in traffic, reputation, or sales.
Community: helping you build conversation and community.
Links: links in terms of Google juice, or sharing news and info from their networks.
Introductions: connecting you to people you would like to meet or who they think are awesome.
Getting you out of a hole: fixing dodgy code, giving you a heads up when you goof, or having your back when someone attacks.”
– Chris Garrett,


4) To start relationships that will lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures, and referrals

“Contrary to popular belief, very few people walk away from a few hours spent at a business networking event with a fistful of contracts. Meeting people at the networking function is merely the important first step towards reaching your client attraction goals. It’s what you do after the event that is more important. Follow-up is key to deepening the relationships that will increase your bottom line.”
– Leni Chauvin, Strategic Business Network


and, finally:

5) To continue the conversation!

“If the dialogue and exchange were worthwhile, invite those you have met to continue the conversation.  This can be done both onsite and online (or both).  To get started, send a follow-up email with a link to an article or whitepaper that supports something they were interested in.  Or you can expand upon your conversation by sending a presentation that showcases your unique point of view while supporting their ideas and ideals.

Reconnect at lunch, invite them to another networking function, or get connected online via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook or another favorite social networking tool.  You can also invite them to join your LinkedIn or Facebook group.  The point is that in taking the lead to continue the conversation, you are the catalyst for opportunity. You are testing the longer term relationship that can form from the networking encounter.”
– Glenn Llopis, Forbes



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