Vast QA is a niche player in the domain of test automation services with a focus on eCommerce and the B2C retail domain and backed by more than two decades of hands-on experience of delivering Quality eCommerce solutions for various clients. Our quality delivery is boosted by our vast experience in executing test automation engagements for global clients & a large pool of test automation experts.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time to market
  • Integrate testing into continuous integration process
  • Run multiple tests at will
  • Reduced human errors

Automated testing is the trusted methodology to ensure that newer releases are not breaking the existing functionality or introducing new bugs.

VastQA ‘s Test Automation Engine comprises of a robust Keyword-driven Testing Engine that comes with many pre-built test automation scripts with Tools & utilities to kick-start any organization’s test automation needs.

Our profound automation experience has helped develop VastQA, which can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your workflow and deliver results fast.

VastQA brings together the power of industry-standard tools, custom drivers and connectors, automation best practices, and valuable, sophisticated reporting.

VastQA is domain agnostic, highly modularized and provides different models of Test Automation including tight integration with build & CI tools like Maven, Gradle, Bamboo, Jenkins etc., Its plug-and-play architecture with pre-built interfaces to CI servers, application lifecycle management tools and defect management tools that fully support the majority of test automation tools adopted by organizations enable organizations to realise ROI on their existing investments.

Our QA Automation team is a strong unit specializing in both Web and Mobile UI Testing Automation.

Our Test Automation Services in a Nutshell

Building Test Frameworks

Our fully customizable and functional framework can just be the right infrastructure for your automated testing needs

Manual to Automatic Migration

Increase the testing productivity of your organization by seamless transition from manual to automatic testing

Testing Platform Migration

Stuck on one platform? Now move your complete automation framework and processes to any platform of your choice with our expert migration services

Auto Script Generators

Let our automated script generators do the job for you and simplify your testing processes

Customized and Phased Automation Support

Take advantage of our economical and smart automation and implementation services. Download the VastQA PDF

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