Sterlite - Updated LogoWho Are We?

Founded in 1992, we have been a leading provider of IT solutions for some of the largest Global Fortune 1000 firms, as well as being involved in over 200 successful Oracle Commerce projects over the last 14 years for clients in the retail and B2B sector. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service while implementing our solutions with efficiency and professionalism.

Sterlite is comprised of a fun, fast-paced, and energetic team, who are consistently willing to advise, assist and implement the best solution for our clients.

Why a Blog?

There is a myriad of information to dive into and discuss in the marketing and IT industry, and we have decided to join the conversation! We would love to share our hard-earned knowledge with you and to learn from our readers as well – the more we share with one another, the more we all benefit and learn, thereby growing our community!

We will be covering a variety of topics on our blog page, including:

-Our latest news, and short videos/posts about our services
-Information for our readers, customers, partners
-Connections to the latest news in the industry

-Tips and helpful articles, both written by us and learned from other organizations
-And much more.

We look forward to sharing and communicating with you!



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