Oracle Commerce 11.x has vastly enhanced features over 10.x and older implementations.  Let Sterlite help you take your Commerce implementation to the next level with an upgrade.

The latest stable version, Oracle Commerce 11.2, offers the following enhancements and features over previous versions, in addition to many others:

Omni-Channel Experience Delivery – Provides a more seamless customer interaction across multiple devices (PC’s, tablets and mobile) to enhance the shopping experience.

Business User Control – Decreased dependency on IT for changes to the site.  Business users can make many of the necessary changes on the fly, without the need for IT to step in.  Greater empowering of your business users and merchandisers.

Additional Item Types/Attributes and Promotion Criteria –  Promotion by tender type, fractional item measurements, and several other enhancements allow for more flexible product catalogs.

Platform TCO Enhancements & Integrations – Native integration with CPQ, as well as several Customer Experience (CX) applications.  This all leads to a lower cost to implement and an enhanced shopping experience that will keep customers coming back.

Sterlite Software is a thought leader in the Oracle Commerce space, with Advisory, Implementation and Support Services.  With over 200 successful projects under our belt, we consistently rise up to the challenge of complex implementations. In fact, we have been the driving force behind many of the larger System Integrators.  From a small alternative payment integration to a full blown Omnichannel implementation, our company philosophy and methodologies will ensure success:

We do not use any proprietary code.  All code is based on Oracle best practices.

We leverage as much out of the box functionality of Commerce as possible, to ensure that our clients remain on the Oracle upgrade path.

We strongly believe in Onsite Business User as well as Technical Training on the Platform, which we include with all of our implementations.

We are intimately familiar with a majority of the accelerator and/or proprietary code used by others, and will be able to quickly assess the quality of your codebase.


Let us guide you through the process of a new implementation, upgrade or optimization project. This includes roadmapping, holiday readiness studies, and application health assessments. Learn More


Once the plan is in place, let us do the work for you, so you can focus on your core competencies. Whether a simple alternative payment integration, a full blown implementation, or anything in between. Learn More


After the system is launched and stable, allow us to help you maintain its integrity. We offer flexible options from cost effective support blocks all the way to 24×7 dedicated support teams, ensuring the best for for your needs. Learn More

What’s Next?

Allow us to schedule a call with you or your team. We are ready and willing to help, and can often identify areas of concern as part of our no cost remote assessment of your Oracle Commerce application.

Let us show you what we can do!


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