Black Friday will be exactly 46 days from today – the day that most online retailers experience a stampede of traffic to their eCommerce sites with an equally impressive number of sales, we hope.  So, November 25th (Black Friday, 2016), will be the date for this year’s litmus test used by retailers to predict sales and site reliability for the holiday season.  What will your figures tell you and how about the reliability of your site?

After 16-years of hands-on expertise in this field, our seasoned team of ATG/Endeca PM’s, BSA’s and Architects, may be able to get you on track for success by deploying our exclusive “Assess for Express Success” engagement.  This rapid assessment process will quickly identify and provide solutions to issues holding you back from reaching your sales goals this coming holiday season.

How Sterlite USA can help you meet your business objectives:

System Optimization Services

  • Performance Tuning – Provides direct return on investment by improving system resource utilization, hardening application configurations and exceeding service level agreements. Performance tuning benefits clients that are facing scalability issues, resource bottlenecks and unresponsive applications.
  • Outage Analysis – Traces underlying system problems, facilitates immediate stabilization and recommends long term solutions to achieve system stability. This process improves availability by eliminating intermittent system outages.
  • Capacity Planning – Ensures that the system is sized to meet future production load. This requires thorough analysis of current and projected transaction volumes in addition to in-depth cost benefit analysis.
  • System Assessment – Enables client to improve existing or proposed system architecture, evaluate application design and validate points of system integration. The resulting expert advice covers such diverse areas as product selection, introduction of new technologies and the audit of outsourced work.
  • Stress test site or application and measure response to traffic load.
  • Identify potential risks to your overall environment heath.
  • Preparation for specific security and compliance requirements.
  • Load testing
  • Performance testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Code Review

We are Oracle Commerce Experts

Oracle Commerce makes it even easier for brands to deliver relevant commerce experiences across all customer touch-points on a flexible, scalable platform that puts control over experience and commerce in the hands of business teams. Version 11 is making strategic headway toward unifying the leading commerce, content, and experience technologies on the market, with key platform enhancements that make it simpler and faster to get live fast and support innovation. Contact us today for a free assessment to prepare your eCommerce business for Black Friday!


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